MCR Episode 14

The lava is blown back at the lion, who is made up of 81% water.

The lion turns into obsidian. 

Eagle-bonded blood-mage lion defeated!

MCR Episode 13

The blood-mage lion tele-leaps and shoots lava from his mouth at the heroes.

Mongo counters by using his axe to create a tornado that shoots lightning.

MCR Episode 12

 The eagle-bonded blood-mage lion teleported them to another location!

Lions have incredible willpower!

MCR Episode 11

It wasn’t a griffon but a blood-mage lion bonded to an eagle!

He must be powerful to have forced an eagle to form a soul-bond.

MCR Episode 10

Having fully explored the Thunderous Mountains, Mongo and his mountain cat Nietzsche head toward Mystic Pass which will take them into Misty Vale, where they could find food.

In the distance, they see a griffin approaching.  

Mountain Cat Riders Chapter 2

MCR Episode 9

In the heart of the Thunderous Mountains, Mongo and Nietzsche look to make camp for the night. Mondigo searches behind an outcropping of granite and of sub-alpine fir.

He discovers an ancient halberd!

He holds it aloft, and the lightening of the mountain
 imbues it with magic.

MCR Episode 8

Nietzsche equips the seashell belt so he and Mondigo can breathe under water to cross a lake.

They encounter a sub-alpine octopus that shoots lightening! But he was friendly.

MCR Episode 7

A swift leveraged disarm from Mondigo, and the viking marmot is vulnerable for attack. 

Nietzsche uses his power kick skill.

They are too fast for the lazy marmot!

MCR Episode 6

After travelling for three days in the wilderness, the heroes come upon a stump.

Seashell belt found.

A viking marmot who had been following the two challenge them.

MCR Episode 5

Mongo and Nietzsche seek advice from the sage of the forest. Jauntily, he forebodes a future of noble failings lest we actualize Earthly unity.

Mongo receives +1 to wisdom.

MCR Episode 4

Mongo casts a spell that makes him smaller so that he encumbers Nietzsche less.
With newfound haste, the adventurers follow a creek downstream to lower elevation in order to escape the lightening snakes.

MCR Episode 3

Lightening snakes!

Mongo loses all of his herd!

MCR Episode 2

Out of nowhere bursts a snake from the clouds and a snake from the ground.  They connect in mid-air, forming a double-bodied, single-headed snake with each end attached to both the sky and the ground; like magnetism. 

MCR Episode 1

Deep in the Thunderous Mountains, Mongo and his mountain cat Nietzsche guide their herd of yak to a glacier-carved meadow.

Mountain Cat Riders Chapter 1